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秘鲁-智利海沟长约5,900公里,为世界最长的海沟。最深处是在海平面以下达8,065米的理查德斯深渊(Richards Deep),其平均阔度为64公里。 世界大洋中已知深海沟都很大,以延伸长度论,短者数



  世界最大的古墓 埋葬着这个希望子孙世代做皇帝的始皇帝的秦始皇陵,位于陕西省西安市以东35公里的临潼区境内,是中国历史上第一个皇帝陵园。史载,秦始皇为造此陵征集了70多万个工匠,建造时间长达38年,同时也生产着奇迹。 1974年3月兵马俑从5米深的地下“横空出世”,是几位农民的幸运,也是一种历史的必然。虽地处秦始皇陵东侧达1.5公里,以兵马俑一、二和三号坑为主体的秦始皇兵马俑博物馆,仍占地300余亩,规模宏大,气势雄伟。 “8000兵马俑如同复活的军团一般,宿卫着秦始皇陵。”秦始皇兵马俑博物馆考古队队长刘占成说:“虽是陶俑,但它们如真人一般大小,或身穿齐膝长衣,外披铠甲,手持长兵器,或腰束革带,腿扎裹腿,足登方口齐头翘尖履,或黑发,蓝袍,绿脸,给人留下的不仅仅是雄纠纠的军威,更多的是2200年前古人的生活实况。” 经考古勘探,秦始皇陵可分为陵园区和从葬区两大部分。陵园区占地近8平方公里, 有内城和外城两重,封土呈四方锥形,现存高76米,周围有大量地面建筑遗迹和陪葬物。陵墓是安放秦始皇棺椁的地方,陵墓四周有陪葬坑和墓葬400多个,主要赔葬坑有铜车马坑、珍禽异兽坑、马厩坑以及兵马俑坑等,历年来已有5万多件重要文物出土。1980年发掘出土的一组两乘大型的彩绘铜车马--高车和安车,是迄今中国发现的体形最大、装饰最华丽,结构和系驾最逼真、最完整的古代铜车马,被誉为“青铜之冠”。

  世界最大的古墓 自1979年10月秦始皇兵马俑博物馆开馆以来,已接待中外游客5000多万人次,兵马俑架起了中外文化交流的桥梁,促进了中国人民和世界人民的友谊。 新加坡原总理李光耀得知发现秦俑后想一睹为快。1976年5月14日下午,李光耀一行来到了秦俑建设工地,40多分钟的参观结束时,李光耀激动地说:“秦兵马俑的发现,是世界的奇迹,民族的骄傲。” 1978年9月,法国总统希拉克在参观后留下这样的赞词:“世界上曾有七大奇迹,秦俑的发现,可以说是‘第八大奇迹'了,不看金字塔不算真正到过埃及,不看秦俑不算真正到过中国。”从此,“第八大奇迹”便成为秦兵马俑的代名词,飞向世界各地,飞入寻常人的心中。 今天,秦兵马俑出土已30年,令人惊异的秦代“百戏俑”、“文官俑”、青铜仙鹤等也相继出土,秦陵的奇迹故事还有多少仍待后人去探寻。

  The world's largest tomb in where? China Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is one of the world's largest imperial mausoleum, structure the strangest, most abundant connotation of the underground palace, is the world's largest, and the ancientEgyptian pyramids is the world's largest ground tombs.

  In 1987 December, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and the Terracotta Armywas included in the "World Heritage list". Qin Shihuang in 221 BC in Chinese historycreated the first unified multi-ethnic centralized state.

  The world's largest tomb buried in the hope that the children of generation to doEmperor Beginning emperor's Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, located in the Shaanxi region of Lintong Province, 35 kilometers east of Xi'an city territory, is the firstChinese history emperor mausoleum. History is contained, Qin Shihuang is recruitedfor making this mausoleum about 700000 craftsmen, took 38 years to build, but also the production of a miracle. In 1974 March the Terracotta Army from 5 meters deep underground "born", is the lucky few farmers, but also a kind of historical necessity.Although located east of Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 1.5 km, with theTerracotta Army in one or two and three pit as the main body of the Qin ShihuangMuseum of Terracotta Army, still covers an area of 300 acres, grand scale, the momentum of the majestic. "8000 Terracotta Army as the terracotta army general, Su Wei Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor." Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army Museum,the archaeological team captain Liu Zhancheng said: "although the pottery figurine,but they like the real size, or wearing a knee length robe, covered in armor, holding a long weapon, or waist leather belt, leg tie leggings, foot board square mouth blockAlice pointed shoes, or black, blue robe, green face, give a person left is not only a very handsome Junwei, more is 2200 years ago the ancient life live." By the archaeological exploration, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor can be divided into the tomb and burial park from district two parts. Cemetery area covers an area of nearly 8 square kilometers, there are two inner city and the outer city, Fengtu issquare pyramidal, the existing 76 meters high, with accompanying bulldings around.Qin Shihuang placed the coffin tomb is the tomb where, surrounded by burial pits and tombs more than 400, the main funeral pit copper chariot pits, pit pit and rare birds and animals, the stable pits of Terracotta Army, over the years has been unearthedmore than 5 pieces of important cultural relics. The 1980 excavations unearthed a set of two by painted bronze chariots and horses - high car large and car, is by far the largest body found in China, most decorative, ancient bronze chariots and horsesstructure and system driving the most realistic and most complete, known as the "champion of bronze".

  Since 1979 October Qin Shihuang Tomb Museum of Terracotta Army have since opened the world's largest, has received about 50000000 foreign tourists trips,Terracotta Army and built a bridge of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, promote the Chinese people and the people of the world friendship. The former Prime Minister of Singapore Li Guangyao learned that after the discovery of Terra Cotta Warriors want to see it. The afternoon of May 14, 1976, Li Guangyaocame to the terracotta building site, more than 40 minutes at the end of the tour, Li Guangyao said excitedly: "Terracotta Army of Qin found that is a miracle of the world,the pride of the nation." In 1978 September, French President Chirac during a visit toleave after this praise: "the world has seven wonders, terra cotta soldiers found, can be said to be" the eighth miracle ', do not watch Pyramid not really been to Egypt, not see terracotta not really been to china." Since then, "the eighth miracle" became the pronoun of Qin Terracotta Army, fly around the world, fly into common people's heart.Today, Terracotta Army of Qin unearthed 30 years, amazing the Qin Dynasty "acrobats", "civil warriors", bronze cranes were unearthed, the miracle stories and how much remains to future generations to explore.


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